Breaking Down On New Year's Eve

There is never a good time to have a car break down while driving on the road. There are bad times for this to happen and then there are worse times for this to happen. One night of the year where drivers really don't want to deal with a breakdown is on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, breakdowns can happen at any time, even on one of the busiest nights to be on the road. For drivers who are going to be out and about on New Year's Eve, there are 3 key things that should be in the car in case of a breakdown. 

Emergency Towing Contact Information

The night of New Year's Eve is one of the most difficult times to get a tow. This is why it is very important to have the contact information for multiple towing companies. It may take calling more than one towing company in order to find a towing service that can help. Roadside assistance services, such as AAA, can also be of help but often there will still be a long wait on New Year's Eve. Emergency towing is especially important for drivers who break down in areas that can pose a risk to other drivers like busy intersections or in the middle of a highway. 

Spare Tire Or Tire Sealant Kit

With the potential long wait for a towing service on New Year's Eve, some drivers may be tempted to take things into their own hands. Most car repairs are impossible to do on the side of the road. However, it is possible to fix things like a flat tire without the help of a towing service. For those whose cars have a spare tire, fixing a flat is as easy as following the instructions in the owner's manual. Drivers who do not have spare tires need not despair. A tire sealant kit can get some drivers back on the road in no time. These kits only work with some types of flat tires and are a temporary solution.

Warning Triangles

One of the biggest potential dangers that drivers who break down face is other drivers. This can be a big problem on a busy night such as New Year's Eve when roads are congested and many drivers are inebriated. Being visible can help cut down some of the risk. Roadside warning triangles that light up are a great way to ensure that a vehicle is visible to other drivers. These should only be used if the driver is in a safe enough spot to place them around the car. 

Breaking down on New Year's Eve can be a big hassle. Before going out to celebrate, drivers should make sure they have the numbers of multiple towing companies (such as Superior Towing), a spare tire or tire sealant kit, and warning triangles.  

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