Getting Your Semi-Trailer Truck Towed: Helpful Things To Know

Do you need to get your semi-trailer truck to a mechanic as soon as possible so it can be repaired? A heavy-duty towing company will be able to transport your truck to the destination of your choice while keeping it safe during the process. In this article, learn about the logistics of safely towing your vehicle.

How Can a Towing Company Safely Transport a Semi-Trailer Truck?

To keep your semi-trailer truck safe as it is being towed to a mechanic, it will be placed on a flatbed tow truck. A flatbed tow truck will prevent the bottom parts of your semi-trailer from getting damaged, as the entire truck will be lifted off of the ground. Before your truck is transported to a mechanic, the trailer on it will be removed (you will keep it). Your truck will be safely transported because chock blocks will be secured to each wheel so they won't rotate while on the flatbed tow truck. Straps will also be secured to the tires and kept in place with a part called a ratchet.

What If the Driver is in an Accident During the Towing Process?

There is nothing to worry about in the event that an accident occurs while your semi-trailer truck is being transported to a mechanic. However, no matter how careful the driver is about transporting your truck, other drivers or bad weather can lead to an accident. In such a case, you will be able to get compensated by the towing company for any accidental damages that happens to your semi-trailer truck while it is in their possession.

If you want to make sure that insurance coverage is available through the tractor trailer towing company, it is wise to ask in advance. Keep in mind that your own auto insurance company might cover repair costs for a towing accident as well (some insurers include towing accidents under collision policies, while others may include it under optional coverage like "towing and labor"). Lastly, even if the towing company pays for an accident, you may still need to notify your insurer. 

What Does it Cost to Get a Semi-Trailer Truck Towed?

The exact price for a towing company to transport your semi-trailer truck to a mechanic will depend on a few different things. For instance, you will be charged based on vehicle size, the distance from your location to the mechanic, as well as the complexity involved with connecting your vehicle to the tow truck (if you are in a ditch, you may pay more than if you were just on the side of the road). Expect to pay a fee of up to $100 for the driver to connect you semi to the tow truck. You are also estimated to be charged up to $5 per mile. Keep in mind that some towing companies charge extra for towing weightier vehicles.

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