Six Summertime Survival-Kit Items Every Driver Needs In Their Vehicle

When the weather starts to change and the temperatures start to rise, it is high time to start thinking about swapping out that winter driving emergency kit for a few summer survival items instead. Even though getting stranded in the summertime as a driver would likely be much less of a severe threat, it is still in your best interest to be prepared. So go ahead and pull that winter emergency kit out of your trunk and add these seven summer survival items instead. 

1. Water - If you get stranded in the middle of summer, staying hydrated will be incredibly important while you wait for a towing service to arrive. Therefore, be sure to keep a gallon of water in your trunk if an emergency situation does arise. 

2. Emergency Blanket - You may already have an emergency blanket in your winter driver survival kit. If so, just leave it in the car because this is one item that will be just as helpful in the summer. The reflective side of an emergency blanket can be draped over the windshield to reflect sunlight away from your vehicle to help you keep a bit cooler while you wait for help. 

3. Snacks - If you have to wait for a few hours in a hot car, dripping sweat, it will be important to not just keep yourself hydrated, but energized as well. Keep a few protein bars or other high-protein snacks in your summer survival kit in the car. 

4. Flashlight and Batteries - A flashlight is always an important commodity to have in any emergency situation, be it winter or summer. Just be sure to also add a few extra batteries to have around in case you are stranded at night and have to have the light on for long periods of time. 

5. Small Battery-Operated Fan - Part of what makes a vehicle feel so hot in the summer if you are stranded is not having any way to circulate the air. Because of this, having a good battery-operated fan on hand will be a big help. Even just a small handheld fan will be enough to keep the air moving a little or cool your face. 

6. An Extra Cell Phone - If you are stranded in your car in 100-degree weather, it will be crucial that you have a way to reach out for help. It is a good idea to have an extra cell phone on hand just in case you forget your main cell at home. Pick up an inexpensive pre-paid cell phone and keep it in your glove box, console, or trunk for emergency situations. Make sure you also have a car charger on hand as well. 

Having these items on hand will make waiting for the tow service to come easier.

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