Need A Vehicle Towed While Already Towing A Vehicle?

It's a terrible situation, and a bit of a strange coincidence. When a truck or SUV that is towing a motorcycle, trailer, or RV (Recreational Vehicle) breaks down, it doesn't make much sense to tow just one or the other. It's possible to tow both, but how? Take a look at how truck towing services can come to the rescue for head-scratching challenges.

Tow Both, But Not At The Same Time

A towing service can get both of your vehicles, but they don't need to leave everything attached. The easy answer is sending two tow trucks, but there are other options available. 

For example, say you're on a trip with your camper or RV. Your truck breaks down, and you don't know where the nearest lodging is. You have lodging in the form of your RV, but the highway or unknown road might not be the safest (or legal) place to camp for the night.

Towing services can do two things for you. First, you and your group can be towed to a safer area with town services and a legal place to park your recreational vehicle. Safety comes first, and if there's only one tow truck available, it's better to get you to a convenient area before servicing your towing vehicle.

Next, the towing professionals can take your vehicle to a nearby mechanic. Although this was once completely up to the towing services, the advent of smartphones makes it easy for you to look up a local mechanic and make decisions based on the ratings of other customers. Even if you're not from the area, you can make a more educated guess about pricing and services, then give the towing service instructions on where to tow.

Can't Get Them Separated? They Can Work With That

If the hitch is somehow stuck or you've got a really secure connection, towing services can tow everything together. It isn't always a good idea, since towing two vehicles at the same time places extra stress on the towing vehicle and could cause traffic issues, but it can be done.

Towing professionals will doublecheck the connections and safety condition of both vehicles. Even though the vehicles look secure, you wouldn't want the hitch to surprisingly come loose or tip over in the middle of higher traffic driving. A more secure connection can be added without needlessly complicating things.

A signal light is added to the rearmost vehicle, which makes it easier for other vehicles on the road to see and avoid the towed vehicles. It may seem like common sense to some, but there's no shortage of vehicles without proper signals on their towed goods. Because of the size of some RVs, the telltale signs of a towing vehicle may not be visible or obvious. It's a visibly different situation.

Contact a truck towing professional to discuss complicated towing situations and to find a team that can support you and your rough road challenges. 

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