What You Need To Know About Towing Heavy Equipment Or Machinery For The First Time

Are you planning to transport heavy equipment or machinery to another location? If so, you will likely need to tow it to its destination. There are a few things you need to keep in mind if this is your first time planning a transport of this type. The following information will help to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Review the manual.

The manuals for the equipment that you are moving will outline valuable information pertaining to transporting it. Reviewing the manual will aid in reducing the chances that your equipment gets damaged during loading, unloading or in transit. For example, your manual might have specific safety information such as draining fluids such as gas, water or oil from equipment prior to transporting it. Perhaps you no longer have your manuals or you may have misplaced them. If so, contact the manufacturer of the equipment directly or locate the manual online. 

Protect sensitive areas of equipment.

If you are preparing equipment that is going to be hauled in an open trailer or flatbed, you need to ensure that you take into consideration whether or not the equipment is sensitive to elements. If it is, you should plan to cover or protect portions of the equipment that could be sensitive to inclement weather such as snow or rain.

Even if the weather appears to be fair at the time the equipment is picked up, it is possible that rain or other conditions could occur if the equipment is leaving your local jurisdiction. For example, if you live in an area that has mild winters and the equipment is being transferred to another area with harsh winters, you may need to winterize the equipment prior to transporting it. In addition, equipment that has removable pieces may be transported safer if it is dismantled. This is because rough driving conditions during the haul could result in parts coming off or getting damaged.

Prepare the pickup and drop off areas in advance.

By prepping the pickup and drop off areas in advance, you can ensure that the loading and unloading processes are performed in an efficient manner. This is particularly important if there are other large pieces of equipment that will need to be moved in order to load or unload the equipment. If you are sending the equipment to a location to be used by another business or to a customer's property, kindly make the recommendation to them to have the area where the equipment will be dropped off clear.

A professional towing company that specializes in hauling equipment is the best resource to use for this type of transport. This is because they know the appropriate ways to load and unload machinery and equipment. They also have access to various types of towing equipment and trailers, which means that your business goods can be transported by the safest means possible. Choosing a tow company like Santa Fe Tow Service may also result in you not having to prep your equipment in advance if the company offers full-service towing options.

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