3 Ways To Prepare For Emergency Towing Services

Few things are as surprising as being faced with a vehicle emergency. From making it difficult to drive to putting you at risk on a busy road, you might wonder how to prepare for emergency responders while you wait. Here are three ways to get ready for towing services teams to arrive. 

1. Make Your Location Known When you call for emergency towing, be as clear and concise about your location as possible. Pay attention to mile markers and visible landscape changes, as well as buildings, geographical features, and nearby signs. If you have GPS on your phone, use the information from any maps you can see to tell workers exactly where you are. 

Make your car as highly visible as possible by turning on all of the lights and using your emergency hazard lights. If you have orange triangles or flares, use them so you can be seen easily. Try to pull your car as far off of the road as safely possible, and stay in communication with the roadside assistance team so they can find you easily. 

2. Get Your Stuff Gathered Together Before emergency teams respond, gather together everything you need out of your car, including items from the glove compartment. Make sure you bring along chargers, money from the dashboard, and car registration documents so you can keep them with you. If possible, use the flash light in your phone to look for any items you may have dropped during your day-to-day activities. Have items ready to go, so when emergency responders arrive, you are prepared to get out of the car and go with them.  

3. Know Where You Want to Go Long before you ever find yourself in a damaged vehicle situation, find vehicle repair shops you would work with in the event of an accident or sudden engine failure. Keep their addresses and phone numbers in your phone, so you can have tow truck drivers take your vehicle to the appropriate shop in the event of an emergency. Try to find a few shops that you trust, and make note of their hours, so you can get urgent information when you need it during the day or night. 

If you ever find yourself stranded, turn to emergency towing services as soon as possible. In addition to helping you to get to safety, towing professionals can also help you to prevent further problems by getting your car to the shop quickly.

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