4 Reasons to Call for Roadside Assistance

When your vehicle breaks down, and you are out on the road, and you need assistance, a 24-hour towing company is often the best way to get the assistance you need. There are many different vehicular situations that a 24 hour towing company can assist you with.

Battery Issues

Batteries do not last as long as vehicles do. They have to be replaced every few years and generally have to be replaced more often if you live in a colder climate. It is important to get your battery serviced and checked on a yearly basis, so you know that it will be able to retain its charge. If your car doesn't start, you can call a 24-hour towing service to jump start your car. If your battery is just plain dead, some towing services will bring and change out your battery for you. Or tow your vehicle somewhere for a battery change.


Sometimes, your keys get locked in your car. Or you lose your keys and can't get back into your vehicle. You can call a locksmith or call a 24-hour towing company, which generally employs people with locksmith skills. They can help you get back into your vehicle and on your way quickly.

Tire Issues

Next, another reason to call a 24-hour towing company is because of tire issues. A slow leak could result in a flat tire. Hitting some debris could cause your tire to explode. There are lots of ways your tires could get damaged. If you have a spare tire, a 24-hour towing company can swap out your damaged tire and put it in your space. Or they could tow your vehicle to a tire change place so you can get a new tire.


Alternator issues are easy to confuse with battery issues. The alternator is what recharges your battery and helps distribute power throughout your vehicle. If you keep having battery issues or notice dim headlights, the issue could be the alternator. If your alternator fails to work anymore, you could get a tow to a repair shop to fix the issue. Replacing an alternator is a couple hour job that will put you out a couple of hundred dollars.

When you experience a vehicular issue, such as a bad battery or alternator, or your tire pops, or you lock yourself out of your vehicle and you are not sure how to fix the issue, you should call a 24-7 towing service. A 24-hour towing service is made to help you with a wide range of vehicular issues beyond just towing your vehicle after an accident.

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When your vehicle breaks down, and you are out on the road, and you need assistance, a 24-hour towing company is often the best way to get the assista

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