Types Of Vehicles That Should Only Use Heavy Duty Towing Services

It is important to know whether the vehicle you are operating would need heavy-duty towing as opposed to standard towing. This way, should you break down or get into an accident, you will know which kind of towing service to call so no time is wasted. It would be terrible to have a tow truck finally arrive, only to find out that they are unable to assist you and you have to call for another tow truck. Here are some of the vehicles that would require heavy-duty towing:

Motorhomes and RV's

If you love to travel a lot and you own an RV or a motorhome, there might come a time in which you need to call for a tow truck. It could be that you experience a flat tire and need a mechanic to help change that out for you or you could break down and need some repairs. No matter the cause, you will need a tow truck that can handle the massive weight of a motorhome or RV. You will need to specifically ask for a heavy-duty truck when you call for towing services.

Totaled Vehicles

Should you find yourself involved in a bad automobile accident and your vehicle is severely damaged, you will most likely want to call for heavy-duty towing services. While your vehicle would normally just need a standard tow truck, if it has taken on an odd shape because of the collision, the standard towing service may not be an option. At that point, you need a heavy-duty tow truck to get the vehicle home or to the auto body shop.

A Classic Or Prized Vehicle

If the vehicle that breaks down is a classic car or simply a prized vehicle that is worth a lot of money, you will want to call for a heavy-duty tow so it can be put on a flatbed. Having the vehicle transported on a flatbed instead of it being towed behind the truck with its two rear wheels on the ground helps to prevent any further damage to the vehicle.

You should now have a better understanding of why or when heavy-duty towing services would be needed. Even if you do not yet need any towing services, you should locate a reputable towing company in the area so you can keep their information on hand. This way, should you need heavy-duty towing in the future, you will already know which company to call.

For more information on heavy-duty towing, contact a company near you.

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