Ways To Transport Your Heavy Equipment

If you have something very heavy to ship, you might have been considering a variety of heavy equipment transportation.

There is one question that remains: what kind of truck should you use to ship your piece of equipment. Whether you are towing a tractor for your farm or a piece of construction equipment, it is crucial that you understand which vehicle will be the best option for your transportation needs.

Wide Load Truck

If you have a very wide item to transport, you will need a truck capable of carrying a wide load. These trucks are a good option because they are often escorted by other vehicles that will ensure that your equipment is safe.

Oversized Load Truck

If you have an oversized load, you might get a big truck to haul your item. This is used when you have to consider not only the weight and size of your item but also the shape. Like wide load trucks, these trucks may be chaperoned by other vehicles.

Gooseneck Truck Trailer

You might use a gooseneck truck if you have very large equipment. A gooseneck trailer on a truck is a benefit because it is more stable than some of the other options out there. This reduces the likelihood that the trailer is going to sway and potentially damage your equipment.

Break Bulk Truck

If you choose break bulk trucking, your equipment is likely too large to fit into a container typically used for shipping. You might call on this kind of trucking service if you are trying to transport a piece of construction equipment or even a large boat.

Lowboy Trucks

Your trucking company may recommend a lowboy trailer if you have a very heavy load. If you have a heavy load, this will keep the center of gravity low in the vehicle, which is much safer for the driver and your equipment. Additionally, this helps the truck stay low to the ground if your item is very tall and may not fit under every type of bridge the truck might encounter.

Speak With a Heavy Equipment Transportation Service Today

As you can see, there are many different ways to transport your piece of heavy equipment. Even if you are not sure what kind of transportation you need, it is smart to contact a heavy equipment transportation company for additional information. The goal is to get your item to its destination safely.

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