How Tow Truck Companies Set Their Charges

If you have been involved in a car accident or are stranded because of car trouble, you can count on towing services. A tow truck company will move your vehicle to a mechanic or even help you fix minor car issues. One of the things most owners are concerned about is how towing services come up with their charges. Here are factors influencing the cost of towing services.

Where the Incident Occurred

The location of the incident will affect tow truck charges. The tow truck company will consider the area where you are stranded. The costs vary depending on whether the incident occurs on a highway, residential area, or if your car gets in a ditch.

For example, if your car gets in a ditch, the tow truck company will have to use heavy machines to lift it out. In this case, you will have to pay more than when you are stuck with car trouble in a residential area.

Distance Covered

The distance a tow truck has to cover to arrive at your location will also affect towing costs. The greater the distance between the area of the incident and where you will be towed to, the higher the overall cost. It is highly recommended to call a towing company close to the location of the incident. This is because you will get lower charges for a short-haul recovery.

Time of the Incident

Many companies charge a higher rate for towing your car during the holidays. Furthermore, if you are towing your vehicle at odd hours of the night, you will pay more than the rates for regular business hours.

However, if you call a tow truck company that works round the clock, time may not affect their charges. 

The Condition of Your Vehicle

Towing services also factor in the condition of your car when setting charges. For example, if you are involved in an accident, the tow truck company will use special equipment to handle your vehicle. Also, if your car's tires are flat, a flatbed tow truck will be used for towing. 

Similarly, if your car gets into a ditch, special axles, winching machines, and tow trucks will be used to lift the vehicle out. However, if your vehicle is in good shape, like when it cannot ignite because of a mechanical problem, you will pay the standard towing rate.

When you require towing services, be sure to go through some factors that affect towing charges. With the facts of your condition in mind, compare the rates of different towing services to get the best quotes.

Contact a towing service to learn more. 

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