4 Common Towing Mistakes You Can Avoid

You may need towing services due to various reasons. You may have a flat tire, or you could have run out of fuel. Also, your engine may fail due to overheating, or you may be involved in an accident. The towing professionals won't only tow your car, but they will also help you fix any mechanical issues your vehicle may have.

The towing experts can also advise you over the phone on what you should do if you have a minor problem that you can fix independently.

Here are common towing mistakes you should avoid.

Not Making Your Car Visible

You can be in danger if your car gets stuck on a busy highway. Other motorists may not spot your damaged vehicle, so they may not slow down on time, putting you at risk of an accident. To prevent this issue, you need to turn on your hazard lights to alert other road users your car has a problem. You can also hang a bright piece of cloth on your vehicle's windows and open your car's hood.

Not Calling the Police

You should call the police in your location to inform them that your car is stuck on the road and you are waiting for the tow truck to arrive. This precaution will prevent the traffic police from impounding your car or charging you with a traffic offense.

Also, suppose an accident happens due to the obstruction caused by your car. In that case, the police won't hold you responsible if you have called them and taken the necessary measures to make your stranded car visible to other motorists.

Failure to Remove Your Valuables

You should remove your things from your car before it's towed away. For instance, your phone, documents, laptop, clothes, make-up, photos, and other personal stuff shouldn't stay in the tow truck during the hauling process. 

Towing professionals will always ensure they keep your car and belongings safe, but some items can accidentally get lost on the way or during storage. Also, if you have delicate items like mirrors or sunglasses, they may get damaged during the towing process. So, to avoid this problem, it's better to store your things away where they will be safe.

Failure to Inform Your Insurance Company

You should inform your insurance company about your situation and tell them that you are waiting for towing services to arrive. This move is essential as it will back up your insurance claim if your car has an accident. If you leave your car on the road without telling the insurance agents and your vehicle gets vandalized, you will jeopardize your case.

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