3 Car Problems That Will Need Emergency Towing Services

One of the worst things that can happen to you is getting stranded in the middle of the road because your car broke down. However, it does not have to be a harrowing experience involving countless hours trying to get a ride back to town. Note that if you have the contacts of local emergency roadside assistance services on your phone, you will get the help you need back into town. Here are three types of car problems that you should only address with the help of an emergency towing service provider. 

When Your Car's Engine or Transmission Fails

The engine and transmission are two vital components of your vehicle's operations. As such, towing is needed if your car's engine or transmission is making strange noises, getting too hot, smoking, or seizing up. Further, only a competent automotive mechanic will know what tools to use and how to evaluate the problem. Hence, it's important to remember that roadside assistance cannot address mechanical issues. Instead, the hauling service will safely deliver your vehicle to an auto mechanic, who will address the mechanical problem.

The Car Battery Might Be Dead

A dead car battery is a prevalent issue that drivers face. You should know that battery life decreases over time, creating the need for a new one. Often, a malfunction comes with various issues, like a damaged alternator or charging system, which could be to blame for your breakdown. Note that it will be easy to solve the problem if you have a portable battery pack. Sometimes your battery needs a little charge in order to get to the mechanic's shop, where they will assess it for other issues or replace the battery for you. That said, instead of trying to jump-start the car yourself, it is best to pay a roadside assistance company for a battery-boosting service or to haul it to an auto repair shop.

When There Is Smoke From the Hood

In most cases, smoke emerging from a vehicle results from oil dripping onto the engine. For example, blue smoke that smells like burnt frying oil indicates low oil or a leak. In such a case, don't risk driving a car leaking a large volume of oil since you might drain all the fluid before you get to the repair shop, which could damage the engine. On the other hand, the safest option is to call a towing service. More importantly, note that white smoke or fuel-smelling vapor from the hood could be hazardous. So, keep your hood closed and call for help.

These are the most common auto repair emergencies when you need to tow your vehicle. So, call a trusted tow service close to you and get fast assistance with your emergency.

Contact a local auto repair service to learn more. 

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